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Phoenix Tool can make your parts to the print or have them engineered to your specifications. We also have the abilities to refurbish roll tooling and rebuild cut-off dies. Listed to the right are some of the many products that we can manufacture in our plant.

Phoenix Tool Company carries a wide range of metal rolling, metal grinding, metal punching, and metal scarfing products as well as many other products for your metalworking needs.

Our up-to-date metal working practices ensure that your job is done right and done on time every time. To find out more about our metal rolling, metal grinding, metal punching, and metal scarfing products call us or send us your inquiry via e-mail.

  Axle Races
Bearing Sleeves
Bronze Mandrels & Shoes
Bushing Holders
Clamp Blocks
Closing Rolls
Coining Punches
Collect Pads
Cut-Off Blades
Cut-Off Dies, New & Rebuilt
Cut-Off Die inserts
Dedimpler Plugs
Dedimpler Shafts
Die Buttons
Drive Collars
Drive Spacers
Edging Rolls
Fin Blades
Forming Roll Shafts
Glue Heads
Grooving Rolls
I.D. Hydraulic Scarfing Mandrels
I.D. Flash Roll Mandrels
I.D. Flash Rolls
I.D. Scarfing Tools
Ironing Pass Rolls
  Lock Seam Tube Rolls
Notching Blades
Nylon Rolls
O.D. Scarfing Rolls
O.D. Scarfing Tools
Pipe Tube Expander
Oxygen Lance Holders
Plug Gauges
Polyethylene Rolls
Pressure Pads
Pressure Rings
Rail Knives
Roll Shape Forming Rolls (over 250 shapes)
Roll Spacers
Scarfing Mandrels
Seam Guide Blades
Shear Knives
Side Rolls
Side Roll Adjusting Screws
Side Roll Blocks
Side Roll Shafts
Slitter Separator Blades
Staking Knurl Rolls
Stripper Inserts
Tow Bars
Tube Forming Rolls (Ground) Up to 6” Tube
Turk Head Rolls, New & Re-ground
Weld Rolls, New & Re-ground
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