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Phoenix Tool Company receives orders by CAD files, prints and sketches or simply worn out parts. With our mix of CNC equipment, we are able to process tooling promptly and accurately. We work to the best of our ability to make sure our customers have the least amount of down time possible.

(A) HAAS 15”/37.5 cm hydraulic chuck, 12 tool change • HAAS 8”/20 cm pneumatic chuck, 10 tool change • EMCO bar machine, 1”/2.5 cm chuck, 12’/3.6m • bar feed, 8 tool turret
(B) TRAK DPM with extended z, 25”/62.5 cm x 16”/40 x 18”/45 cm • Bridgeport with TRAK AGE standard z, 24”/60 cm x 12”/30 cm x 12”/30 cm
(C) Bridgeport/Harig with magnetic chuck 6”/15 cm x 18”/45 cm using both programmable profile cabability and profile wheels.
(D) Sentry Furnace with size capabilities 6”x6”x12” • Lucifer Furnace with Honeywell Temperature controller • Heat treating dimensions 12”x12”x24”
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